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What is the Barton Reading and Spelling System?

The Barton Reading and Spelling System is a literacy program with an Orton-Gillingham influence. It has been used by thousands of parents, schools, teachers, learning centers, and private tutors worldwide with great success! This type of language intervention teaches reading and spelling as related subjects and is a highly effective, research-based system. Please see the links below for additional information.

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What Is Taught?

Phonemic Awareness- breaking words into individual sounds as well as using sounds to make words by blending them together

Phoneme/Grapheme Correspondence-
the ability to know which sounds are represented by which letters and how those letters are used to make one syllable words and then multi-syllabic words

Six Types of Syllables- identifying what types of syllables are being used in a word and knowing which sound the vowels will make in each syllable while reading and spelling

Probabilities and Rules- mastering rules that are cleverly named to remind students when particular spellings of certain sounds should be used

Roots, Affixes, and Morphology- using word roots and origin to be able to read and spell unfamiliar words and increase vocabulary

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How is it Taught?

Simultaneous Multisensory Instruction- research confirms that dyslexic students using all senses to stimulate learning remember information and retain skills better

Intense and Frequent Practice- instruction is focused and offers much more practice for dyslexic learners than for other types of readers

Directly and Explicitly- teaching is direct and specific concerning spelling and reading  rules in written language using catchy names for easy recall in application

Systematic and Cumulative- instruction creates a solid foundation and builds knowledge of reading and spelling skills in a logical and systematic way

Synthetic and Analytic- uses individual letters/sounds together to form words (synthetic) and breaks words apart into smaller pieces (analytic)

Diagnostic- continuous assessment by the teacher/tutor of the student's overall understanding of concepts, ensuring mastery of each lesson
How Long will it Take to Complete?

An average dyslexic student, meeting with a tutor two times per week for one hour,  will take between 2 and 3 years to complete the entire Barton Reading and Spelling program. Because all learners are different, this time frame will vary.  A mildly dyslexic student will move quickly through the program, while a more severely dyslexic student will require additional time. In either situation, the benefits from beginning this instruction are often seen within the first few months of training.

If it is possible to increase a students training sessions from two to three or more times a week, the overall time required to complete the program can be reduced.
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