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Testimonials from Parents and Students

Genuine, professional, and caring!
Terri has been tutoring my son online using the Barton System to help him learn to read. My son is Dyslexic and also has ADHD. Terri is very patient with my son and skilled in engaging him and keeping him on task. We are encouraged by his progress! Terri is wonderful, she truly cares about her students and works hard with them to attain success.
Tracy R. 

Thank you for teaching me Mrs. Terri. My brain is not tired anymore.
Emerson B.(grade 6)

Mrs.Terri Dillon has been an absolutely invaluable support system for our son. He struggles in reading and writing, and it was becoming a daily battle for us to get him to practice. Mrs. Terri taught him little tips and tricks that made more sense to him. We have seen monumental strides in our son's ability and attitude towards reading. He has much more confidence and his grades improve daily. We credit his academic achievements to her. We are so thankful that we found her!
Angela G.

Even with intensive interventions at school and continuous efforts at home, my 8 year old son’s I-Station assessment placed him at a Tier 3 - Seriously below grade level and in need of intensive intervention. Out of desperation I started looking for reading tutors and through answered prayers found Terri Dillon. After just three months of seeing Ms. Dillon twice a week for an hour, I am happy to say that my son recently scored at Tier 2 - Moderately below grade level. Furthermore, he is taking his weekly word wall tests with no modifications and is passing! My anxious and timid son’s confidence has soared. We continue to have to work really hard at home, but I now have hope that my child will be successful in school.
Jennifer A.

My son was reading below grade level around November of last year. I did not want him to fall behind in school, therefore I searched for a tutor. The minute I met Mrs. Dillon, I instantly loved her. She is a very sweet and kind lady. My son took a liking to her immediately. Within 6 months my son was reading on grade level. Mrs. Dillon taught him valuable reading skills that he uses to this day. I am extremely thankful that I met Mrs. Dillon because now my son loves to read (and can do it all by himself).
Danielle B.

Mrs. Dillon is genuine, kind, and has grown to sincerely love my son. We have seen a dramatic improvement in our son's reading level! She has been with us for a year and a half now.
Jasmine C.