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Dyslexia is a learning disability that is inherited and is often characterized by observable difficulties with reading, decoding, and spelling.

Research shows that despite having average to above average intelligence, one out of every five people have dyslexia in varying degrees. That's twenty percent of individuals! It is one of the most common reasons that students struggle to read with fluency, spell with accuracy, and write with confidence.
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In other words, many bright students face struggles and frustrations every day in their classrooms and at home. They spend longer than average amounts of time doing homework assignments and striving to memorize spelling words and math facts. This also means that there are lots of concerned teachers and parents searching for answers. Despite diligence and focused efforts, intelligent students continue to fall behind and continuously struggle to meet classroom expectations.
  • Does your student have extreme difficulty with spelling?

  • Is their reading slow, choppy, and often inaccurate?

  • Do they have trouble memorizing math facts or telling time on a clock with hands?

  • Is their handwriting messy and have they struggled to learn cursive?

  • What about school? Is it difficult to keep up with classroom expectations?

These are just a few of several indicators that a student might be dyslexic. Click here for a more extensive list .

Individuals with dyslexia often respond with great success to appropriate intervention. The Barton Reading and Spelling System is an Orton-Gillingham based program that is supported by scientific research. The Barton system can significantly improve the reading, spelling, and writing of any child, teenager, or adult who has or is suspected of having dyslexia. The best news is that this training can help them to thrive in their current classrooms, in all future classrooms, and in life beyond the classroom!